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AMI was founded in 2001 to provide automotive dealers with the most effective marketing campaigns in the industry. We noticed that dealers advertising and marketing investments were (and are) divided among several channels such as Print, TV, Radio, Flyers, Letters, Internet and BDC’s, to name a few. While the combination of these methods is necessary and can produce some success, the cost per vehicle sold has skyrocketed and effectiveness has been inconsistent. 


In today’s world of saturated advertising ranging from the messages on your smart phone, to the explosion of internet advertising and more television commercials than ever, it is extremely critical that your dealership stands out among your competition.


For over 19 years AMI has provided the most effective marketing campaigns for dealers across the county. Our unique approach has created record-breaking results for our dealers in all market conditions. If business is good, we can make it even better! If business is poor, we can bring in quality traffic that will get your dealership back on track! Whatever your situation may be, we can, and do, improve sales and service numbers for our dealers. Our process works for the most expensive vehicles on the market to the most affordable.


Our number one goal is to provide an outstanding level of service. We are your best choice for direct marketing. We are 100% committed to helping you become as successful as you choose to be. We can expediently produce your campaigns with extreme attention to detail while maintaining strict deadlines.


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- Database analytics and purification insures that only the best quality traffic is directed to your dealership. 


- Direct mail and e-mails combine to increase customers response.  

- Personalized URLs create a unique customer experience.      

- Our sales strategies ensure your dealership makes the most of each campaign. 






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